When to book your session: It is never too early to book your newborn session! If you have a planned induction or c-section, it is best to schedule your newborn session in advance. If you are letting baby decide on his or her arrival date, your due date will be noted and arrangements will be made once the baby arrives.

The Perfect Age: Newborns are photographed best within 5-9 days from birth. At this stage of their life, newborns tend to be very sleepy and will allow us to pose them however we would like. They also tend not to be as fussy. Newborn acne and baby colic tends to flare up around 10-14 days of age. It is best to avoid these weeks if at all possible.

Timing: Plan for your newborn session to last a minimum of 90 minutes but more likely 2 hours. This allows for feedings and diaper changes if needed, but most importantly this will allow for a relaxed environment allowing you and your baby to stay calm and at peace throughout the session.

Location: I am happy to travel to your home for your newborn session so that you can stay put comfortably during these first early days after birth. An 8’x8’ space near a large window is required. Thhis allows for natural light and picture perfect portraits! If that is not possible at your home, then I am happy to invite you to my home studio in Palatine.

Feeding/Outfits: You will want your little one to be well fed prior to our session. I recommend that you feed him or her just as I arrive and am setting up. Please be sure that your baby is down to a diaper with a blanket wrapped around. That way when we are ready to start shooting, they will be full, very sleepy, and we do not have to disrupt them again by taking an outfit off. Outfit changes, props such as bows, hats, monogrammed blankets, family heirlooms, etc. are all welcome. Just be sure to give me a heads up so I can plan accordingly.